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Google AdWords – Android Search Network

Create your Campaign

1. Click on Search Network only


2. Select Mobile app installs

3. Select the mobile app you want people to download

4. Set any additional parameters, as required to run your campaign.

Create your AD

5. Steps to Copy referrer from mtraction platform

Go to your Google AdWords configuration setup from your mTraction account.

Copy referrer link as highlighted in the screenshot below:

If not automatically set, set your Google Store application link as your Final URL, after appending the referrer parameter copied from mTraction platform. Example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.earn.joy&&referrer=utm_source=Google+Adwords|test&mt_subid=search&mt_network={network}&mt_website={placement}&mt_keyword={keyword}&mt_creative={creative}&mt_adposition=

6. Add the Referrer to the end of the Final URL in your Google AdWords account.

Create your Conversion

7. Login into your Google AdWords Dashboard and create a new conversion.

  • From the toolbar on the GoogleAdWords main page go to Tools >> Conversions
  • Click +Conversion

8. Select App as the source of conversion you want to track

9. In the App conversions select First opens and in-app actions

Then select Android and then select App installs (first open)

10. Click Continue.

Setting your Postback URL

11. From your mTraction account go to add media source>> Select media source>>Google Adword

12. Copy the Postback URL and paste it into the Google AdWords page.

13. Select Set up a Server-to-Server conversion feed from an app analytics package to AdWords.

14. Copy the Conversion label and ID.

15. Paste the Conversion ID and Label to your mTraction account.

16. Click Save & Close

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