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Google AdWords – Sending In-App Events

If you want to further measure the success of your Mobile App Install campaigns in Google, you can send in-app events to your Google AdWords account from your mTraction account.

Create your Conversion

1. Login into your Google AdWords Dashboard and create a new conversion.

  • From the toolbar on the GoogleAdWords main page go to Tools >> Conversions
  • Click +Conversion

2. Select App as the source of conversion you want to track

3. In the App conversions, select First opens and in-app actions, then Android and In-app actions.

4. Click Continue

5. Complete the fields, as requested, including name and value etc.

6. Click Save and continue

Set up your tracking method

7. Select Set up a Server-to-Server conversion feed from an app analytics package to AdWords.

8. Copy the Conversion label and ID.

9. Go to your mTraction Account. Click on Add media Source >> Select media source >> Google Adwords.

10. Click on In-App Events.

11. Select SDK Event that you want to include from the drop down menu.

12. Enter Conversion_ID that you copied from Google Adwords Dashboard.

13. Enter Label into tag field that you copied from Google Adwords Dashboard.

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