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mTraction is a mobile marketing attribution, analytics and re-engagement platform that enables the advertisers to understand their mobile audience, refine their ad spend & re-targeting strategies and ultimately lifting up their yield of investment.

Our SDK solutions are tailored for different industries advertisers may belong from. This makes our SDK integration easier to set up and maintain for our clients. mTraction is a secure, robust and a scalable platform that tracks app installs and post install conversions. This tracked data is portrayed and visualized meaningfully to drive actionable insights through our:

  • Dynamic dashboard – highlighting key metrics, hourly trend & KPIs comparison for quick & routine monitoring.
  • Segmentation reports – identifying your profitable app users by various mobile segments.
  • App engagement reports – showing statistics on app usage & page views.
  • Cohorts – helping the advertisers understand the loyalty of their user base on several parameters.

With our pre-integrated and configurable supply sources feature, mTraction credits each install or in-app event to the source that had driven the conversion. This drives the advertisers to channel their user acquisition strategy towards the sources that bring them loyal users and aid to meet their KPIs.

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