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Custom Events Setup – iOS

We recommend using our pre-defined events but in case you wish to define a custom event to track a specific behavior.

You will need to call the below method to track custom events in your Application.

// Custom Event Constructor Call
CustomEvent *event=[[CustomEvent alloc]initCustomEvent:@eventName];

  • Mandatory parameters (Custom Event): 
    • Event Name – Event name going to be tracked
  • Optional parameters (Custom Event):
    • Key – Key name for tracked custom event
    • Value – Value of key for tracked custom event

Sample Code

// Example Constructor Call with the mandatory parameters
CustomEvent *event=[[CustomEvent alloc]initCustomEvent:@"Job Search"];

// Examples for other parameters passed with the event (These are optional)
 [event setCustomKVP:@"JobId" Value:@10234];
 [event setCustomKVP:@"JobType" Value:@"Technical"];
 [event setCustomKVP:@"JobProfile" Value:@"Manager"];

// trackCustomEvent method call
 [[MTraction mTractionManager] trackCustomEvent:event];
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