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Troubleshooting – Android

This document will list down all the error scenarios and ways to resolve them to ensure successful testing of the mTraction SDK integration in your Application.

We have grouped the error scenarios by the sections being tested as below:

  1. Check for App
  2. Test Broadcast Functionality
  3. Session Test

1. Check for App

Error Message:
App Not Found

Error Resolution Steps:
There are two possible cases where this error would happen.

  1. Please check if the package id entered is correct.
  2. Please check if the Application has been installed on the device.

Note: If the application has been installed, Please make sure the application hasn’t been launched on the device.

2. Test Broadcast Functionality

a. Error Message:
Install already attributed

Error Resolution Steps:

This happens when you have already tested your Application for Install. If you have to test install again for this Application, you should reinstall your Application and try again.

b. Error Message:
Broadcast Receiver not configured properly

Error Resolution Steps:

This is likely due to a mis-configuration of your installs tracking. Please check to ensure that you have configured your Installs Tracking. See the following link for more details: Installs Tracking Configuration

c. Error Message:
Incorrect App Token

Error Resolution Steps:

This might happen because the App Token of the Application being tested is wrong. You should change the App token in your Application’s manifest file (as shown below) to the one that’s displayed on the “Test in Progress” screen of the mTraction test Application and retry test again.

// mTraction App Token

3. Session Test

Error Message:
App open & close events not configured properly

Error Resolution Steps:

This error is likely to happen due to mis-configuration of Session tracking in your Application. Please check the following link to ensure the Session tracking is configured: Session Tracking Configuration

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