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Purchase Cohorts

Note: mTraction’s cohort analysis can be applied for large time-frames upto +15 days/weeks/months.

For Example: if you choose the start time as January 2016, you can see monthly cohort charts up-to March 2017.

  • From the Report Navigation Panel on the left, click on Cohorts option and then select Purchase from the expansion menu.
  • Purchase Cohort, determines the purchase behaviour and trends of users in your application, over certain time periods of daily, weekly or monthly. Higher the number, more the purchase potential of your user-base.
  • Additionally, to view cohorts specific to a Media Source, please use the Media Source drop-down. Cohort trends of specific Media Sources help give insight into their performance and profitability.
  • There will be ‘+’ sign on left side of media sources for which there are sub-id values. For media sources not having any sub-id “+” won’t be shown.On click over “+” show the top 10(based on install count) sub-id values and show a load more button at the bottom in case there are more than 10 sub-ids for that media source. On click over load more button show next 10 sub-id values(sorted on the basis of installs).
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