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Retention Cohorts

Note: mTraction’s cohort analysis can be applied for large time-frames upto +15 days/weeks/months.

For Example: if you choose the start time as January 2016, you can see monthly cohort charts up-to March 2017.

  • From the Report Navigation Panel on the left, click on Cohorts option and then select Retention from the expansion menu.
  • Retention Cohort, determines the loyalty of your users to your application, over certain time periods of daily, weekly or monthly. Higher the number, the more loyal your user-base.
  • Additionally, to view cohorts specific to a Media Source, please use the Media Source drop-down. Cohort trends of specific Media Sources help give insight into their performance and profitability.
  • There will be ‘+’ sign on left side of media sources for which there are sub-id values. For media sources not having any sub-id “+” won’t be shown.On click over “+” show the top 10(based on install count) sub-id values and show a load more button at the bottom in case there are more than 10 sub-ids for that media source. On click over load more button show next 10 sub-id values(sorted on the basis of installs).

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