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Overview Dashboard

Dashboard Navigation

  • This is the default landing page post login to mTraction platform, that shows the analytics dashboard and navigation to other reports for your default app set in the My apps section.
  • You may also access the dashboard from anywhere in the Reports section by selecting the overview option from the reports navigation menu on the left.
  • You may switch to see the analytics dashboard for your other configured applications (if available) by selecting the application from dropdown present on the top left corner.


  • The Summary shows you on a high level, the key performance metrics of your application like New Users (Installs) and its acquisition source by Organic & Non Organic and Active existing users, Active Sessions & Average time spent by the app users.
  • They also have interactive widgets that help you identify your top 10 Media Sources in terms of New user acquisition and the top 10 conversions that happened through the app in terms of app engagement.
  • You may see the application statistics for various predefined date ranges as well as custom date range from the date range selector.

Hourly Trend

  • The Hourly trend section of the dashboard is a graph that shows the application’s metrics hour by hour of the current day visually comparing to yesterday’s and last week’s (same day) statistics.
  • You can select the desired metric form the dropdown on the top right corner of this section. The default metric selected would be “All Installs” which includes installs from both organic and non organic media sources.

Compare KPI

  • This graph lets you understand your app’s active user engagement over the past 14 days by comparing the active users with any one of the configured events on the app.
  • You can select active users specific to the source they were acquired from the active users dropdown. By default, “All Active Users” is selected.
  • All of the app’s configured events would be available in the Events dropdown to compare an event against the active users. By default, “All Events” is selected.
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