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Revenue Report

The success of a business is determined by the revenue it generates. Revenue reports at mTraction enables you to track revenue generated from marketing mediums.It gives you metrics like Average Revenue Per User and Average Revenue per Paying user which help user to understand revenue breakdown. Revenue report in mTraction allows user to

  • Find out how much revenue your efforts generate.
  • Find out what marketing channels and content assets generate the most money for your business.
  • Find out if certain segments of your database generate more revenue than others

    Note: Please refer to Common interaction elements article to understand the different user controls on this report.

  • From the Reports section, click on Revenue.
  • Choose parameter from the drop down menu for which graph is to viewed.Suppose you want to view graph for Transactions .This shows transaction trends from different media sources.

    You can select which metrics (columns) to display and which to hide with the Display drop down menu. Keep boxes checked for those you want shown.The metrics which you choose will be displayed in the table.

     Terms –

  • Publisher – Origin of Traffic.
  • Revenue – Total revenue generated by selected campaign.
  • Transactions – No of purchases made by the user.
  • Paying Users – Unique users who have made at least one purchase in the defined duration.
  • Active Users – Users who have opened application at least once in a defined duration.
  • Average revenue per Transaction – Total Revenue Earned / No of Transactions
  • Paying/Active Users(%) – Percentage of Paying/Active Users
  • Average Revenue per paying user – Total Revenue Earned / Paying Users
  • Average Revenue per active user – Total Revenue Earned / Active Users
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